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Fan Created

Book Thong made by Rhonda Perkins-Helton. Friend Rhonda on Facebook and hire her to make you a book thong today!

Kitty Zen named after 

Zennyo Ryuo "Zen" in 

the Road to Hell series. 

Kitty Zen belongs to 

Christina. Friend her 

on Facebook.

Bracelet crafted by young adult author Nely Cab. You can find Nely by clicking HERE.

Created by Mindy Janicke. Friend Mindy on Facebook.

Skull created 

from various words 

out of my book 

Pandora's Box. 

Created by Kathryn 

Grimes. Friend 

Kathryn on 

Facebook. Me 

holding the skull 

Kathryn crafted.

Road to Hell purse created by Dawn Hagan. Friend Dawn on Facebook.

Poem written by Beth Fullaway. Friend Beth 

on Facebook.

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